The M1 as it appears in the inventory.

The M1 is the assault rifle that players will start with. Most players will begin their Tactical Intervention experience with this rifle, or one of the other two starter weapons.


M1 Stats
The M1 has relativley poor stats overall. Accuracy is rather limited, as is its magazine capacity, which some players can find annoying due to its high rate of fire. The rifle's magazine tends to deplete faster than the player is expecting, and often when the player is in the midst of combat. Never the less, it is an effective weapon at close to medium range. If the player can keep the trigger down and catch the enemy by surprise, it is easy to rack up a two or three kill streak. It is better to avoid long range combat, for its rate of fire doesn't compliment it well in this role.


-The M1 has a moderate rate of fire, making it a good weapon indoors.

-The M1 has low recoil in comparison to the many rifles.

-Reload is fairly quick.

-Effective when used in conjunction with teammates as a suppressive weapon.



-The M1 has a small magazine for an assault rifle making reloading a constant concern due to the lack of an automatic reload function.

-Damage is low for its type.

-Accuracy at long range is poor.

-Usually comes up short against other assault rifles.

-Does not accept any attachments.


The M1 should not be used as a long range weapon due to its poor accuracy and high rate of fire. It is best used when ambushing a group of enemies in confined spaces, or for firing down long corridors in a supporting roll. Individually it is weak, so stick close to teammates.


-The M1 Assault Rifle is said to be a modified version of the World War II M1 Rifle, which was used by the United States and was semi-automatic.


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