Tactical Intervention Tutorial Breaching Charge

Tactical Intervention Tutorial Breaching Charge

Breaching Charge

The in-game breaching charge model

Breaching ChargeEdit

A Breaching Charge is an equipment that is normally used to blow down a door. This method of breaching is used if meleeing the door simply won't work for one reason or another, or if someone is certain that a hostile player is on the other side of the door. Breaching Charges may also be used as timed traps as they cause quite a few hitpoints of damage.


A Breaching Charge can be used for destroying a door while damaging players near the door that may be waiting to ambush you around the corner. This is especially useful in maps like Shopping Mall where there are many doors and tight areas where terrorists may camp. In close quarter combat, where the enemy can take over your position, one can place a breaching charge around the corner and damage a large group of attacking forces, making a counterattack easier. Since it has a short fuse of 3 seconds by default, the enemy will have little time to get out of the way of the blast. Pressing the use key on the breaching charge will alter its timer. A common tactic is to place it on a friendly riot shield and set the timer to a longer fuse and have the wielder of the riot shield charge into a room. This can be a very creative and effective way of breaching if the enemy isn't exactly near the door.

Since the breach has a little smoke cloud after blown, it gives you some extra cover.


With Gamepoints:

1 Day: 440 GP

7 Days: 2200 GP

Permanently: 12,000 GP

With euros (€):

7 Days: 0,25€

Permanently: 1,20€

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